Ādažu Čipsu cinema

The annual cinema programme is created in partnership with wonderful local and foreign film festival partners. Between films, visitors can join discussions and conversations attended by film directors, producers curators and other movie industry professionals. 

Many films such as „Izlaiduma gads”, „Modris”, „What we do in the shadows”, „Akmeņi manās kabatās”, „4. maija republika”, „Pazust Latgalē”, „Simtgadnieks, kas izkāpa pa logu”, „Ezera sonāte”, „Vef 54. sezona”, „Miglā”, „Robert Mitchum is dead”, „Mammu, es tevi mīlu”, „Sēņotāji”, „Hasta la vista”, „By The Rich Lady’s side” and many more have been played in this cinema.