Telšu pilsētiņa

The gates of the Tent Campsite is opened from Thursday, 17.00 till Monday, 16.00. Do not worry that there will be no space if you plan to come on Friday or Saturday; the area is sufficiently large, and in previous years, when the number of its inhabitants exceeded 16 thousand, there was enough free space.

Although the Tent Campsite area is impressive, the Festival’s organisers ask to comply with the rules for erecting the tents. Please observe the marking in the territory: the Tent Campsite is divided into sectors, and the tents should be erected so that they are enough near to each other and that everybody has a space. Be careful where there are road marks – do not build your tents on them! The roads are intended for territory tidying and maintenance transport will use them early in the mornings.  

For your convenience, there is a storeroom for belongings in the Tent Campsite, as well as possibilities to charge your phone. 

To refresh you every morning, there are showers with individual cabins in the Tent Campsite.  Please take hygiene articles with you. 

The offering of caterers is wide in the Tent Campsite: there are tasty meals both for meat eaters and vegetarians. Various burgers, smoothies, hearty soups, taste-tingling Eastern food – no need to take sandwiches with you, have fresh meals on the spot.

The entry ticket to the Tent Campsite is valid only together with the Festival’s ticket. If you have a one-day ticket, you can spend in the Tent Campsite only that day and the following night.