Is it possible to purchase Positivus festival tickets at the festival entrance?
Yes, Positivus festival tickets can be purchased at the festival entrance either by cash or card.

Do tickets have to be purchased for children?
Children up to the age of 10 can visit the festival for free, if a legal adult guardian possessing a valid festival ticket attends them. Children over the age of 10 have to purchase a full price ticket. An adult must accompany children under the age of 16 at all times.

Will there be a children’s daycare?
Yes, at the ‘Kids island’ located at the festival grounds.

How often can the festival site be re-entered?
As long as you’re wearing a valid Positivus festival wristband, you can leave and re-enter the site as many times as you want to. Wristbands will be checked at the entrances as well as on the site, so please keep the wristband in a visible location at all times.

What to do in case the wristband breaks, has fallen off/been lost/broken?
If the wristband is lost or regarded as not valid or broken (e.g., cut, sewn or has a broken security lock), you have to leave the Positivus festival site immediately and purchase a new ticket. Upon entrance into the Positivus festival site you will be provided with a new wristband. Forged, broken or loose wristbands that fall of your arm are considered invalid.

Is it possible to upgrade to vip if i own regular three day ticket?
At Positivusfestival.com purchase ticket UPGRADE TO VIP. At the festival entrance display any 3 day ticket or 3 day ticket + Camping together with UPGRADE TO VIP, ticket, receive the VIP wristband and enjoy all VIP privileges.

Will it be possible to upgrade one day ticket for a three day ticket?
Only at Positivus festival site it will be possible to upgrade one day ticket to a three day ticket, for additional payment. Additional information about ticket exchange regulations will follow.

Am I allowed to take photo and video equipment to the Positivus festival site?
You are not allowed to take professional video and photo cameras (those with changeable lenses and objectives) on site. Only accredited media individuals, who have obtained media accreditation from the Positivus festival Media office, are allowed to use professional video and photo equipment.

Am I allowed to bring my own food/drinks to the Positivus festival site?
You are NOT allowed to bring any food or drinks into the Positivus festival site.

Will there be ATMs available on the Positivus festival premises?
Yes, there will be Nordea ATMs available on the Positivus festival grounds; however, we do advise visitors to ensure enough cash on them. The ATMs in Salacgriva can be found in Statoil on Viļņu Street 4, as well as on Ostas Street 1 and Rīgas Street 2.

Will it be possible to pay by card on the Positivus festival premises?
Card payments will only be accepted in selected areas.

What can I do in case of injury or illness during the Positivus festival?
If you need medical attention or first aid, make your way to one of the two medical units near the entrances of the Positivus festival site.

Where can I check for lost and found items?
You can hand in found things or check for lost items at the Info tent located near the main entrance to the Positivus festival site. After the Positivus festival, the lost and found items will be stored with the organizers for a certain period of time. E-mail your enquires to info@positivusfestival.com and we’ll do our best to help you.

Where am I allowed to camp?
You can camp at the Positivus festival Merrild camping site. You are not allowed to camp at the Positivus festival site or at the car-parking site.

Do I have to purchase a Camping site ticket?
Yes. The Camping site entry is for one person, regardless of the number of days/nights spent on site. The entrance tickets will be exchanged for camping site wristbands, which will serve as entry identification.

Will there be a safe-storage at the camping site?
Safe Locker - 3,00 EUR
Safe locker size: 30x15x20 cm
Payment for service: only in cash

Will there be WC’s and showers available at the camping site?
Yes, the WC will always be free of charge. The showers will be available for a small fee.
Shower visit - 4,00 EUR
Phone charging - 1,50 EUR

Open: 24h
Electric phone charging requires: own charger
Shower includes: shower gel, towels not provided
Payment for service: only in cash

Where am I allowed to park my car, van or camper?
There will be a special Parking site on the other side of the Via Baltica (the main road) – look for signposts on arrival. There will be a special parking space for a limited amount of campers in the Merrild camping site, with or without electricity.

Am I allowed to camp near my car?
Due to safety reasons camping in the car-parking site is strictly forbidden, however, it is allowed to sleep in the car.