Dont forget to drink water! An adult should ideally drink at least eight glasses of water per day, especially in this heat. Remember - lemonade and beer are not water!

Use sun screen! Protect yourself from the sun, because sun-burned shoulders might cause you serious unease. Remember to apply sunscreen both before and after swimming.

Dress for all types of festival weather! Bathing suits and barely-there shorts are meant for the beach - extremely scantily clad visitors might even get shunned from entry.

Recognise sun and heat strokes! If you feel fatigued, weary, have a strong headache, nausea or experience intense sweating - look for medical help - several medical brigades will be patrolling the festival territory at all times.

Eat sensibly! Dont overwhelm your body with fast food or sweets - a balanced festival diet also includes fruit and vegetables.

Be careful with alcohol! A few drinks wont do any harm, but excessive alcohol consumption will not only damage your health, but might also ruin your festival experience. Alcohol also dehydrates your body, so when drinking alcohol, remember to drink lots of water as well.

Wash your hands! There are thousands of festival visitors and thus billions of bacteria. To keep yourself healthy, wash your hands as often as possible, especially after bathroom visits and before meals.

Dont forget to rest amidst all the fun! The festival is three days long, and to enjoy it fully, do devote enough time for sleeping and resting. It would be silly to miss out on your favourite acts due to exhaustion!

Plan your festival! Before going, explore this year's line-up and decide on your absolute must-see acts! You might appreciate the mobile app - Positivus, where you can mark your special favourites.

Dont overpack! A tooth brush, tooth paste, deodorant and a few other items will be sufficient for comfort. Wet-wipes and hand sanitisers are also the ultimate festival hygiene-hacks. 

Be ready for the sea! One of the best Positivus perks is the possibility to take a dip in the Baltic sea bay right between gigs! So pack your swimsuit, swim-trunks and a towel! But beware - nighttime swimming is strictly forbidden!

Party with caution! As nice as your newly made friends might seem, avoid consuming drinks of unknown origin.

Light up your night! Its possible that, while staying at the camping site, you might have to go for nighttime walks, so why not pack a handy flashlight? Or at the very least install a flashlight app on your mobile.

Less is more! Pack only things that you wouldnt mind parting from, especially gadgetry. Its best to keep your phone in a waterproof case or in clear sight at all times.

Take care of your health! If there is certain medicine that you have to use, dont forget to pack it. If you suddenly feel a headache or stomach pain coming on, then look for the festival pharmacy!

Have safe sex! The festival is a romantic place, but when your romance with that perfect stranger escalates to sex, make sure you use condoms!

No to drugs! Dont use unknown substances, especially in combination with alcohol - the results can be unpredictable and even devastating.

Keep your feet dry! No matter the weather forecast, find a place to fit in a pair of rain boots - if it will suddenly rain, youll be able to avoid a cold!

Stay warm! Even if the festival days are hot and sunny, make sure to dress warmly during the night, when your body cools down.

Plan along with your friends! Even though there will be plenty of mobile operator-provided charging stations at the festival territory and camping site for extra connectivity, do agree on a time and location for you to meet up in case one of you gets lost.

Take care of your own! If your friends are visibly tired from all the partying, then dont just leave them be - make sure they dont sleep out in the open or in a heated car without water.