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This year at the Positivus Festival, AS Latvenergo will be inspiring creative minds for the second year now, holding an illuminated object competition with the theme, “Friendly Energy”. Five finalists will receive a budget to the tune of about 1,000 EUR, with the opportunity to have their work displayed in the festival territory, where it will be on show to more than 30,000 festivalgoers. Applications can be submitted until 9th June.

“Light is energy. However, energy isn’t just a physical phenomenon, but also a force created by a person and their work. The energy, that we feel while listening to good music, playing sport, creating ideas and new works, by being together with friends, enjoying and experiencing things. The gamma of emotions is extremely diverse,” says Solvita Linde, AS Latvenergo’s Marketing and Customer Service Director. “The goal of the competition is to both beautify the Positivus Festival territory as well as to send a message about how important friendly energy is to the environment and how many positive things can be achieved by using it appropriately.”

“A free and creative atmosphere has always been a significant value at the Positivus Festival, and that’s why we’re more than happy that Latvenergo is the patron of the illuminated art object competition, for the second year now, and is helping to impart even more colour to the festival,” says Positivus Festival organizer Ģirts Majors.

Latvenergo, in cooperation with the organizers of the Positivus Festival, will be seeking the best possible spot to place each art object in the dune zone, so that it fits into the overall festival atmosphere. The submitted works have to be large illuminated objects, which can be easily noticed during both the light and dark parts of the day and night. An application about an idea for an illuminated object should be submitted to the competition. The works can be made using any technique, for example, installations, environmental design objects, video, decorations, concept art objects and similar. The works will be evaluated by a jury consisting of: Visual Plastic Art Department Head, environmental art expert Aigars Bikše, and representatives from Latvenergo, the Positivus Festival and Brand Activation Agency SponsorKing.

Last year, the festival atmosphere was graced with works by the winners of the illuminated object competition - “Illuminated Willow” created by Elīna Pavlovska, Tatjana Raičiņeca and Jānis Piebalgs, Juris Kostirko’s new idea platform “Light Bulb”, a special star stage “Concentration of Stars” created by Anita Apele and Reinis Saliņš, Asens D. Chumovs’ interactive “3A Behind the Scenes” and Madara Laure’s and Laine Šķestere’s installation “Moon Sheep Feeder”. The organizers of the illuminated object competition truly value the ideas of the artists and hope, that the response will be great this year too.

Competition participants should send their ideas via e-mail by 9th June to

The competition regulations can be downloaded here.

Moodboard-u can be downloaded here