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Continuing the fruitful three-year partnership, Positivus Festival and Latvenergos Elektrum product line have once again teamed up for the annual Illuminated object competition - an art object display that creates a special atmosphere at Positivus Festival. The competition is open for everyone who aspires to create a concept around the central topic of Friendly Energy Multiplier!. Five contest winners will receive up to 1000 EUR to realise their projects as well as four Positivus Festival passes. 

Talent and creativity in all its forms have always been important for us in organising Positivus Festival. Previous Illuminated object competition winners created a special  festival atmosphere, lighting up their most daring contraptions and creations and this year were expecting no less - we want ideas that will surprise and inspire everyone, says Positivus Festival organiser Ģirts Majors, inviting people to participate and create their most outrageous ideas.

““Elektrum is all about friendly energy the kind that's effective and safe. It is not only a physical phenomenon, but also a force created by people and their efforts. The energy that we feel while listening to good music, playing sports, creating ideas and embarking on new projects, by being together with friends and enjoying and experiencing things has the most diverse emotional spectrum. Thats why, together with Positivus Festival, were inviting people to multiply their friendly energy and encouraging artists to create positive, light-focused installations which would be pleasant to behold and be around, points out Solvita Linde, AS Latvenergos Marketing and Customer Services Director.

Project ideas can be submitted both individually as well as in groups, with an unlimited number of applications. The competition regulations state that the submitted project ideas must be illuminated objects, for example, installations, environmental design objects, decorations and similar concepts. The objects should also be clearly visible during daylight hours as well as at night and should be of a significant scale. One thing to keep in mind during the project planning phase is that the objects will be displayed in the sand dune area between the pine trees.

The project application form should contain visuals of the illuminated object with indications of the dimensions, a short project concept summary, the materials required as well as a summary of the technical requirements and a description of the implementation. The application must also contain the required amount of kW needed for operations during the festival as well as an invoice. Applicants should submit their project proposals until May 11 (including) to latvenergo@positivus.com. Apart from the submitted materials, the submission email should also include the project title,  the name of author or authors, as well as contact information - phone number and e-mail. Please submit your applications in English.

The submitted proposals will be evaluated by a selected jury - the associate professor of the Latvian Academy of Art, head of the Faculty of Visual Plastic Arts, environmental art expert Aigars Bikše, Positivus Festival organisers, as well as representatives from AS Latvenergo and the brand activation agency SponsorKing. Contest winner and best project author names will be posted on Latvenergo's homepage www.latvenergo.lv as well as on Positivus Festival's website www.positivusfestival.com on May 18. The contest organisers will contact the winners personally, negotiating the project realisation terms for Positivus Festival and the prize collection process.