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Only one day is left until the gates of the Positivus Festival will be opened and the largest music and art festival in the Baltics begins. To get to the Festival in due time and experience it from the very first minute, please get acquainted with traffic restrictions and check that your vehicle is in good order.

The Festival starts when you hit the road: take with you your favourite music, a good amount of drinking water as there can be traffic jams, and a good mood. Before going, check once again that your vehicle is in good order. If possible, go to Salacgrīva already on Thursday, thus avoiding the traffic jams that will reach the peak on Friday afternoon. The Tent Campsite will be open already from 17.00 on Thursday and till 16.00 on Monday.

In Salacgrīva, park your vehicle in the Festival’s official parking lot. The price per entry into the parking lot is EUR 10 regardless of the time spent in the parking lot. It will be possible to pay for the parking lot also using the Mobilly application. To pay for the parking via Mobilly, sent START space AUTO space POS to 1859 (e.g. START AB1221 POS). You do not need to send a stopping message.

The Festival organisers remind: it is strictly forbidden to erect tents, canopies or use grills and other equipment in the parking lot. Vehicles should be parked in accordance with the instructions from our employees. It is allowed to sleep in the vehicle.

The Salacgrīva Municipality Police reminds that the traffic signs should be observed where parking is forbidden, especially on the main road, and that cars should be parked in the parking lots. Save your own and others’ nerves, observe the road signs – violators will be punished.

In your way to Positivus, take into account traffic restrictions and traffic jams. During the Festival, the traffic restrictions on the motorway from Rīga (Baltezers) to the Estonian border (Ainaži) (A1) will be reduced. In the span from Baltezers till Ādaži (0.00-6.3 km), where paving works are currently done, no significant works or traffic restrictions are planned in the period from 17 to 19 July. In the motorway span in the Salacgrīva Municipality (81.27-87.0 km), only speed limits are planned during the Festival.

Those Positivus visitors who come to Salacgrīva from the Ainaži – Estonia end should take into account that there are 7 spans where traffic is regulated with traffic lights in the Salacgrīva Municipality (89.4-101.36 km). Due to the reconstruction of the bridge over the Krišupīte River, traffic will be directed to a detour road. The predicted time for driving this span is 25-25 min. Although no road works will take place on the holidays, all the restrictions and traffic lights will remain in place.

Also, we remind that taxi companies providing services in the Salacgrīva Municipality must comply with the taxi licensing terms in force. During the Festival, the State Police and the Municipal Police will control the licences of passenger carriers.