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Positivus Festival is the first European festival to create its own pop-up television channel – Positivus TV. Since first becoming available a week and a half ago, the channel has been viewed by more than 120 000 households in Latvia. You can revisit the beautiful festival memories and once again see your favourite artist performances up until August 31st on all Lattelecom television platforms (interactive TV, over-ground TV and online TV) 24/7. 

Positivus TV is created in cooperation with Lattelecom and Latvian Radio. The channel’s on-air hosts are Toms Grēviņš, Māra Kamperova and Artūrs Mednis. The evening headlining performances attracted the biggest viewer numbers, as did the auto show of A.Volfs and T.Grēviņš IESILDAMIES POSITIVUS, along with the AIZ KADRA show, where the host Māra Kamperova introduced viewers to the festival preparations and related other useful information. The channel’s viewership increased during the festival – most viewers watched the show “Dzīvs un pozitīvs” that covered the first festival’s day evening-time events, along with the live coverage of the second and third day’ s headlining performances.

Positivus Festival’s main supporter Lattelecom also provided significant technological support on site – a powerful internet connection for the festival’s press centre as well as for stages and other strategic locations, along with six free WiFi hotspots for the festival visitors, which covered a significant area of the festival territory. Lattelecom engineers created total of 24 internet access points at the festival site.

Positivus Festival 2015 will also be hosted for three days. Tickets for next year’s festival will be out soon!