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At this year’s Positivus Festival cinema programme, we will look back at the brilliant Latvian and foreign cinematic classics that inspired several generations. The programme will also feature the newest Latvian and foreign animation, short-film and full-length masterpieces. This year’s programme highlight will be the special discussions and talks with directors, producers, curators and other cinematic professionals. Ādažu Čipsi are the festival’s cinema friends for the second year now, ensuring an especially comfortable movie watching experience.

We are happy to announce our new cinema partners, including the Riga International Film Festival, which will present the special Nordic film programme for children and youngsters, as well as the cinema Kino Bize, that will present global cinematic classics with splendid works of authors, directors and actors. The National Film Centre will offer cinema enthusiasts an introspective look at the newly re-mastered Latvian cinematic classics, such as “Ezera Sonāte” by Gunārs Cilinskis and Varis Brasla and “Vella Kalpi” by Aleksandrs Leimanis.

The documentary film round will feature movies about outstanding Latvian individuals, for example the new work of Krista Burāne “Māra” is a story about the theatre director Māra Ķimele, Ginta Grūbe’s “Vairāk nekā dzīve” – an introspective look into the creative processes of director Alvis Hermanis, and “Teritorija. Vija Celmiņš” is a tale of the world famous Latvian painter Vija Celmiņš by Olafs Okunovs, and many more.

Our annual partners and friends – the international film festival 2ANNAS will offer a diverse film programme that will highlight Baltic’s most essential virtual environment videos, offer an insight into the surprisingly creative achievements of the Latvian music video industry, as well as entertain viewers with a fresh batch of the world’s wittiest, prettiest and possibly the best shot films of recent years. After each programme, 2ANNAS will invite viewers to stay and discuss the material. The discussions will be attended by film authors, programme creators and curators from the festival’s creative team as well as colleagues from foreign partner festivals.

The full Ādažu Čipšu cinema programme will be announced soon.