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Positivus Festival's volunteer application is now open. The Positivus team welcomes proactive and responsible youngsters to help them run Baltic’s biggest music festival. The application form can be filled out and submitted here until April 6th. 

Anyone with the eagerness to help create this summer’s biggest music event can become a volunteer. This will be a great opportunity for the volunteers to gain experience in organising sizeable events, make new friends, establish contacts and generally become part of a dynamic and versatile event organising team. After evaluating the applications, the candidates with the required skills and experience will be involved in organising the festival, arranging and equipping the territory and other tasks both before and during the festival.

The selected applicants will receive a personal invitation to sign an employment contract and will receive the mandatory deposit account. The sum will have to be deposited into the account within the following 10 days in the amount of EUR 36. After receiving the deposit, Positivus Festival will confirm the volunteer’s official status and send further information.

Every volunteer will receive their assignment schedule with a total of 15 working hours for the entire duration of the festival. Every shift will last five (5) hours and the free time can then be used for visiting the festival and enjoying the music. In case of a successful completion of the assigned tasks, the deposit will be fully returned to the volunteer until July 31st.

The 2015 Positivus Festival will be taking place in Salacgrīva for the ninth consecutive year. The festivals main partner is Lattelecom, with support from Nordea and Tuborg. All the Festival news can be heard on radio SWH - the official Positivus Festival radio.

Tickets are available at, in all Biļešu Serviss box offices and Nordea ATM’s (in Latvia only). A Positivus Festival 3 day ticket without camping costs EUR 65,00 and a 3 day ticket with camping costs EUR 71,00. A VIP ticket costs EUR 200. A separate camping site pass costs EUR 8.